Code of Conduct

Byohbaraat Matrimonial is a regional community matrimonial website and we expect all the members registering on the website to maintain the code of conduct among the community. Please note that byohbaraat Matrimonial is NOT A DATING WEBSITE and any attempt to show illegal activities or casualness will NOT BE TOLERATED and may lead to immediate action on your account followed by rules.


  1. Provide all the necessary and truthful information about your Education, Career, Family or other personal information on your Profile.
  2. Do not create fake profiles or multiple profiles for the same person. Our system detects duplicate profiles and this may lead to suspension of all of your profiles.
  3. While uploading the photos, make sure you are uploading your own photos only. Your single portrait photos shall be uploaded. Uploading photos of any other person is strictly prohibited.
  4. While expressing interest, show interests to the matches which are appropriate for you. Blindly sending interest to everyone is not going to help you but rather irritate the other person.
  5. Never Mention your Phone number or e-mail Id in About us section, if we find something like this we edit your profile and correct it


  1. Do not try to flirt with other members. Members are here on this website for matrimony purpose. byohbaraat Matrimonial is NOT A DATING WEBSITE.
  2. Be polite to other members. Using abusive/vulgar language or insulting others is strictly against the terms of use.
  3. Sexually explicit messages will NOT be tolerated; any direct or indirect sexually explicit remarks will trigger the immediate deletion of your account.
  4. Never post any pornographic photos or third party photos on your profile.
  5. Do not trouble other members if they are not interested to respond. Any aggressive behaviour will result in deletion of your account.
  6. We are a regional matrimonial website where factors like caste, community and age are considered for matrimony matches. Be sure to send requests carefully and not blindly to everyone.

If you are not following these rules we take action against you result in termination of your account.